Women's Jackets

Shop our collection of women's jackets. With our wide assortment of women's jackets, you'll discover bomber jackets, jean jackets, suede jackets, and more! We have your favorite brands in our collection like our Johnny Was jackets. Find jackets that can casually be worn with everyday styles to women's jackets that will help dress up your outfits. 

Versatile in style, this collection of women's jackets can be worn both casually and for a statement look. For a casual everyday look throw on one of our bomber jackets with your favorite pair of women's jeans for an effortlessly, chic everyday outfit. If you're need of a statement jacket, our Johnny Was jackets do just that with their detailed designs, you'll look trendy in no time. 

This collection offers women's jackets that can be worn for dressed-up elegance. Pair a printed suede jacket with black jeans and a solid color women's blouse underneath for a distinctive look. Try our jean jackets matched with colored jeans to add a wardrobe staple to your outfit for a night out.